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Rapaport Design

Uri Rapaport Architect AIA
  • Over 25 years of experience in design of residential homes.
  • Zoning reviews & cost analysis consultations.
  • New Jersey Licensed Architect.
  • New Jersey Registered New Homes Builder.
How many times did you hear about the new French Colonial Home? How about the new English Country Manor? The Victorian, the Tudor, the Mediterranean, the Dutch Colonial, and what about the New Greek Revival? Why don’t we hear about the New American House? The Modern Home? The East Coast Home? Or Today’s Jersey or New York Home? Residential architecture is a very conservative area. Most people live in old-fashioned style homes: Central Hall Colonial, Dutch Colonial, Split Level, Bi-Level, Range, Raised Ranch… even though some of these homes could be new. Many times people choose to build brand new homes by copying old homes, creating an old-new home, or perhaps a new-old home? It’s one thing to restore an old house, but to copy and build a house that is not relevant today? Yes, we can recycle old ideas, and keep things the same. But on the other hand, we have the technology, the materials and the tools to create and build homes for today’s life style. Before you renovate, before you consider a new addition, before you build your dream house, let your imagination take you forward not backward. Try something new, let your architect show you the possibilities.